Excuse me, I need to go to the restroom\bathroom.

I wonder if I can go somewhere?

Can you tell me where the powder room is?
Powder room 补粉的房间

Excuse me, where can I wash my hands?

where’s john?

Nature calls me.天性在召唤我

I will always remember you. 我会永远记住你
I run into some problems. 我遇到一些问题
gorgeous\good-looking 他很帅
tasty 菜很好吃
not bad 一般般
after you \ go ahead 你先走
How are you doing? 你吃了没有
I’ve eaten 我吃过了
eat soup 喝汤
take medicine 吃药

想要干什么:Would you like to
唱歌:go singing\go to karaoke
I’d love to, but I’m not good at singing. = I’m not a good singer.
五音不全:I’m tone-deaf.
我唱歌老跑调:I can never sing in tune.\ I sing out of tune.

I don’t have the nerve to sing in front of people

How about a drink?

Would you like to have a drink.

I get drunk easily.
I’m a light drinker.
I’m heavy drinker.
I can drink like a fish

see a doctor 看医生
what’s the matter. 你怎么了
what’s wrong with you?
what are you symptoms? 症状

I feel sluggish./ I feel tired. 浑身没劲
I feel dizzy. 我头晕目眩
I have a runny nose.流鼻涕
I feel like throwing up. 我想吐
I have a headache. 我头痛
My head is pounding.头痛
I have a splitting headache.我的头要裂了



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